A decade-long media project encouraging marginalized individuals to contribute photographs that explore their life story.



An online magazine run and written by youth volunteers in Hamilton with a focus on live music and local events. MonkeyBiz lets you tell your stories, your way.




How does your organization communicate? Is it effective? Are you getting the desired responses?

We offer a full line of cost effective communications services.


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Is your site accessible?


Websites in Ontario are now required to follow certain design and programming guidelines to ensure that people with sensory and mobility impairment have equal access to information.

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About Us

Community Centre for Media Arts (CCMA): a non-profit media design house and social enterprise. Since 1998 we have been providing communication and design services while engaging youth potential.

We are dedicated to meeting your communication needs. We provide professional communication and design services for organizations in Southern Ontario. Our community projects, such as and, are dedicated to engaging youth potential.

CCMA has been assisting organizations with branding, helping them stand out from the crowd. We provide a full range of multimedia services. We meet with you to assess your needs, answer your questions and determine the challenges you are facing. Be heard with CCMA.

CCMA was formed out of an understanding that artists and artists alike play a critical role in the health and well being of communities. We were founded on the belief that engaging artists in the community to take leadership roles is an effective way to address social, cultural and political challenges. This belief has been reinforced by the advent of new media technologies and by our continued success in community and creative programming.

What We Can Do For You

We provide professional media and communication services to other non-profits and community organizations. We take our successes and invest that directly back into our community, funding youth initiatives focused on skills development through the arts and creative initiatives.  We are one of the only non-profit organizations that specializes in non-profit media or communication services. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Media Education and Literacy
  • Strategic communication and marketing plans
  • Non-profit communications
  • Social media marketing and development
  • Graphic design, branding and messaging
  • Media relations and campaigns
  • Web design, development and hosting
  • Content management system (CMS) creation
  • Multimedia production (photography, video and audio)

Why we offer communication services:

As a result of many competing demands, one area that does not always get the attention it deserves is external communications. Our strength lies in our understanding of the challenges non-profit organizations face. We know each organization is unique yet we all share common concerns as we go about achieving our mandates.

Questions we often hear as we work with non-profit organizations include: how do we better reach out to potential donors and volunteers? How do we better attract positive attention to the projects and services we offer?  What about our social media presence?

We pride ourselves in understanding how effective communications support all aspects of non-profit work.

Our process:

We start with a thoughtful review of your organization’s current communications plans and goals. This can be as straight-forward as a meeting to discuss your needs and deciding on a plan of action to bring your ideas to life. Or it can be as comprehensive as a communications audit, a detailed evaluation of what you are doing, how it’s working and what may be improved upon.

Our team of enthusiastic staff is ready to connect with your people and plans. Through developing a clear and comprehensive strategy we can meet and surpass your communication goals.